4 Variations Using Blush On

Variations  Using Blush on or blush makes the face look flushed and gives a fresh, pleasant impression. In the past, most people used it just by pulling it along the cheekbones or the path of the smile on the face. However, now there are many methods of using blush-on that can make your face look different and more attractive.

Beauties want to look fresh and charming like actresses in Korean dramas? Or look firm like the face of an American actress? It can be arranged, let’s see the following variations of using blush on.

4 Variations Using Blush On

Use Blush-On Right Under The Eyes

How to use blush-on right under the eyes. This method can make the face look fresher and natural. The right choice of colors like peach and various shades of light pink, are perfect for this style. using blush-on right under the eyes, can give the illusion of a smile on your cheeks brighter.

It is also recommended that when blending it you can just use your hands and don’t need to use a brush, because it can damage the foundation. The trick, beauties, start applying blush on under the eyes. Then, blend it along the cheekbones up to the side of the eye. After that, spread it in the opposite direction until it is close to the nose.

Apply Blush from the Middle Cheekbones to the Top

The use of this second blush style is suitable for people who have square faces. A make-up artist in NYC named Laramie Glenn says “People who have square faces can use the blush all over the cheekbones up to the top side of the corner of the eye close to the hairline.” Apply blush-on evenly starting from the smile line below to near the corner under the eye, until it is close to the side hairline. Do it repeatedly until the color is visible and flattened.

You can apply a little blush-on under your chin to refresh Beauties’s face.

Apply Blush On The Bottom Of The Cheekbones And Blend It Diagonally Up

This blush style is suitable for beauties who have round faces. This technique can make a round face appear thinner. How to apply blush-on starting from the bottom of the cheekbones close to the smile line and slowly moving diagonally up until it reaches the top of the cheekbones and close to the hair.

The “Drunk Blush” Blush-On Mode Spreads from Right Cheek to Left

the last one is “Drunk Blush” or makes the face look reddish like someone who is drunk. Beauties who like to watch Korean dramas must have seen the scene where the cast is drunk and the color of their face turns red, especially on the cheeks and nose. So, that’s the picture of using this “Drunk Blush” style blush.

The way to apply it is very easy, you know, beauties. Just wipe the blush from the right cheek to the left through the bridge of the nose. Do it repeatedly and done. This style will give your face a different and charming fresh impression.

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