Best Cologne for Men From Every Fragrance Family

So how is this pertinent to you, the curious shopper? Perfectly, Fragrances of the Planet produces a enormous databases of all of this information—by model, relatives, creator, notes, 12 months, and so forth. Division merchants and other massive shops will subscribe to this database in get to counsel fragrances to their buyers. Say you like a precise scent—maybe Dior’s Eau Sauvage. (Edwards calls this 1 “the fragrance of my existence.”) You could stroll into a retail store, tell the clerk “I like the citrus notes in Eau Sauvage, but my greatest friend wears it. So can you suggest some thing equivalent, with quite a few of the exact same notes?” Then, working with the databases made by Edwards and his staff, you will get a load of suggestions—or even one particular very honed suggestion—and be on the way to discovering your new signature scent.

You can also attempt out Edwards’ interactive Fragrance Wheel for yourself, or check out the “Match My Fragrance” characteristic on that exact web page. Sort in one fragrance, and the database will recommend various others, which are each equivalent in some way.

Or, if you want a shortcut for purchasing for cologne for adult males, and if you have confidence in Edwards’ well-experienced nose, in this article is just one advice from each of the 14 fragrance people from the man himself, alongside with some views on characteristics and vital notes of each individual household.


“Zesty, tangy, and juicy. Lemons and mandarins.”

Edwards’s Select:

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Dior Eau Sauvage

“It’s the cologne that transformed eau de colognes.” (Ed. take note: You are going to mostly locate this 1966 basic as an eau de toilette these times.) 


“Think clean sea sprays, or wet air just after a thunderstorm.”

Edwards’s Decide on:

Calvin Klein CK Everybody

“A genderless scent that captures the temper of now.”


“Nothing beats the odor of freshly mown lawns, and crushed environmentally friendly leaves, ideal?”

Edwards’s Pick:

Hermetica Ivyme

“The amazing environmentally friendly scent of ivy leaves.”


“Sweet, juicy, and edible. Tropical fruits, peaches, pears, and fresh summer time apples.”

Edwards’s Pick:

Boy Smells Marble Fruit

“A correct melody of masculine and feminine accords.”


“Walk past a florist, close your eyes, and acquire a deep breath.”

Edwards’s Decide on:

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Arquiste Boutonnière nº 7

“A crisp green gardenia for your black-tie affair.”

Soft Floral

“Soft, powdery, sweet, musky and creamy.”

Edwards’s Choose:

L’Artisan Parfumeur Iris de Gris

“A memory-provoking scent that is raw nonetheless sensitive.”

Floral Amber

“Florals like orange blossom, made clean, sweet and subtly spicy with incense and amber.”

Edwards’s Select:

Byredo Black Saffron

“A saffron aphrodisiac.”

Tender Amber

“Smooth carnation, incense, and heat spices. Soft, nonetheless sensual.”

Edwards’s Decide:

Amouage Boundless

“A euphoric fragrance that provides boundless pleasure.”


“Vanilla and musk, cinnamon, and cardamom. Opulent, sweet, and heat.”

Edwards’s Pick:

Chris Collins Sweet Taboo

“Enticingly sweet.”

Woody Amber

“Patchouli and sandalwood, with a splash of spice, furthermore perhaps a thing sweet enough to eat.”

Edwards’s Choose:

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled

“Sophisticated and distinctive.”


“Cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver, raw and basic. Freshly sanded flooring and sawdust.”

Edwards’s Select:

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

“Alluring for both men and gals.”

Mossy Woods

“Sweet, clean, earthy. Woody and mossy notes.”

Edwards’s Decide on:

Roja Parfums APEX

“Awakens our most primal instincts.”

Dry Woods

“Smoldering embers and the unmistakable leathery odor of new shoes.”

Edwards’s Choose:

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Dunhill British Leather

“A new edge to leather, dry and intriguing.”

Fragrant Fougère

“Lavender and other herbs, like rosemary or basil, teamed with the heat of wood.”

Edwards’s Choose:

Paco Rabanne Phantom

“Futuristic masculinity.”

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