The Best Places to Work

Life can get a bit confusing after high school ends. Suddenly you’re faced with options galore. Will you venture off to college or will you tackle the job market immediately? This is a question and concern that many young people grapple with at some point. Regardless of what you choose, college degrees generally lead most people to more potential jobs. That’s one of the main reason folks acquire a degree. Naturally when college life is over, you’ll be interested in the best places to work. However, how can you possibly know what these companies are? Well, one way to pinpoint the best and most successful places to work is by taking a peek at career statistics.

Beneficial websites such as, money magazine and are all helpful when it comes to finding and choosing the best places to work. You can see what the best rated companies are, how well they treat their employees and how much they generally pay. This information can be quite valuable when searching high and low for the ideal career. Then there’s the overall stability of the company. This is naturally a major aspect of working for anyone in this day and age. If the business is unable to stay afloat and earn significantly, then you may want to think twice about working for them.

On a separate note, some folks may interpret the best places to work in a different way. For example, knowing how to do your job well and excelling in your field is essential. Furthermore, you must enjoy your field of work! Anyone who spends a lifetime working at a job they don’t even enjoy will naturally not enjoy life to the fullest extent either. Keep this tidbit in mind when you’re online seeking out the best places to work and top rated industries known to man. Having a great job or career is not merely about making money and enjoying stability. It’s additionally about doing something you have a passion for and doing it to the best of your abilities. Take a moment right now and see which local and international companies are rated the best.

Blues Brothers DVD

The Blues Brothers is a cult movie, a musical comedy that blends classic soul music, car chases and charismatic characters. There are many imitators but there’s nothing to beat the real thing. Fans can collect Blues Brothers DVD versions and there are plenty to choose from.

The film was released in 1980 and directed by John Landis. The two main characters were played by Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues and the late John Belushi as his brother Jake. The plot begins with the release of Jake from prison and his attempts to reform his old band to raise money to save the Catholic home for orphans, where he and Elwood were raised. The brother’s characters were expanded from Saturday Night Live sketches. A Blues Brothers DVD gives an opportunity to re-live the comic moments and music from the supporting cast, including James Brown, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin.

The band, fronted by Aykroyd on mouth organ and vocals and Belushi as lead vocalist, brought out an album titled Briefcase Full of Blues after their appearance on Saturday Night Live and before the movie release. The original band line up featured some well known musicians, such as Steve Cropper on guitar, a former member of Booker T and the MGs. The drummer was Willie Hall, who had played drums for Isaac Hayes band, the Bar-Kays.

In 2005, the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD was released. The two discs show the original release and the extended one that included previously cut scenes. The director had been ordered to cut his film and he was pleased to have it restored. Dan Aykroyd introduces the film and there is a documentary about the making of the movie. There is also concert footage of the band from the House of Blues in San Diego. Other extras include footage from impersonators singing songs from the movie. Another earlier Blues Brothers DVD was released in 1998, called the Collector’s Edition. This too showed the director’s cut.

The Best of the Blues Brothers DVD has footage of the band performing live and appearances on Saturday Night Live by Belushi and Aykroyd. There is also a documentary made in 1992 and an interview with Aykroyd as himself and in character as Elwood. The Blues Brothers DVD 2000 shows the film in widescreen format and has bonus material on the making of the movie. It also contains a theatrical trailer, promotional posters, photographs from the set and cast and filmmakers notes.

Breast Reconstruction

The diagnosis of breast cancer or other disease of the breast is frightening in many different ways for women, but fortunately there are breast reconstruction techniques available today that can improve appearance and renew self-worth. New surgical procedures and devices have made it possible for surgeons to create a breast that comes very close in form and appearance to a natural breast. Reconstruction is frequently possible immediately following removal of the breast or mastectomy. The type of procedure depends on body type, age, and type of cancer treatment, and the best candidates for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction are women whose cancer seems to have been eliminated. There are many options to explore however; it’s not a simple procedure and time should be taken for deep consideration.

Some women find themselves uncomfortable weighing all the possible options, or they are struggling to cope with the diagnosis, while others don’t want to have any more surgery than absolutely necessary. Women with health conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, or who have other chronic illnesses may be advised by their surgeons to postpone breast reconstruction, especially if breast is being rebuilt in a more complicated procedure using flaps of skin and underlying tissue. A breast mound is formed by using an implant, a silicone sac filled with salt water or silicone gel, or tissues from the belly, back, or buttocks. Reconstruction also takes more than one surgery due to extra steps required to add a nipple, change the shape or size of the reconstructed breast, or operate on the opposite breast for a better match. Even though a reconstructed breast does not have natural sensations, the surgery offers a result that looks like a breast, and most women are glad they had reconstructive surgery.

All surgery carries some uncertainty and risk, including bleeding, fluid collection, excessive scar tissue, or difficulties with anesthesia, all of which are relatively uncommon. According to comprehensive online sources, breast reconstruction has no known effect on the recurrence of disease in the breast either, and it doesn’t interfere with chemotherapy or radiation should the cancer recur. There are many options to consider, and women need to be comfortable with the option they choose before proceeding. Good information on breast cancer, breast reconstruction, and treatments can be found online at,, or the National Institute of Health at There’s an abundance of pictures, illustrations, and information designed to give women the facts necessary to make an informed decision about breast reconstruction and if it’s right for them.

Business loan

Getting a business loan during a time in which the economy and market isn’t as stable as it was a few years ago, may be a bit more challenging than you may think. Not to say that it isn’t highly possible to get a business loan; it just means that banks and financial institutions are being quite picky about their clients. A current business with established credit and profits is more likely to get a positive response than a start-up business at the moment.

In order to get a business loan as a start-up company, be prepared to give the lending institutions more information than you ever knew existed. Most places will ask you for a very detailed business plan. Sure, creating a business plan is a major challenge and time consuming but a vital part of establishing a business. A bank wants to see that your business plan has outlined every possible scenario and step that your company will be facing. Seeing all the details meticulously put together in a folder shows that you are organized and quite serious about your business venture. If you are able to obtain a new business loan without showing anyone a business plan, consider yourself either lucky or the victim of a scam.

Also, when pursuing a business loan, be prepared to show several years of your personal tax returns, paystubs and have a credit report pulled. If you own your own home, you may even have to agree to put a lien on your home. The lien allows the bank to recover their money should your business turn out to be a bad investment for them. Once the loan is paid off, the lien disappears. If you don’t own a home, don’t panic, there are lots of ways to still go about getting a business loan. Having a home and allowing a lien to be put on your residence simply assures the lenders that they are guaranteed to see a return on their loan.

Having a stellar business plan is key to applying for a first time business loan. If you don’t have a business plan or have one that is unprofessional and unorganized, your chances are very slim in obtaining the funds that you need. There are lots of places on the internet that have advice on how to create a business plan and even templates that will make the creation much easier. It may require some research and a lot of thought but in the long run, it will be helping you think through all aspects of your business as well as provide facts for the lenders. All-in-all, the more organized that you are when pursuing a business loan, the smoother and faster the process will be for you. That’s something that the lenders are sure to appreciate as well.

Buy a house

Unless you have more money than you know what to do with, for most people, the decision to buy a house is probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It isn’t like buying a pair of shoes, or committing to a year’s gym membership – to buy a house means many years of payments.

I rented a nice apartment for several years before I decided that I should buy a house instead of spending my money on rent. That way, I’d be investing in something instead of having nothing to show for it. Little did I know how much my decision was going to change my life. My first challenge that I had to take on, was finding a house that I was interested in. I looked on my own, without any luck. Finally, I recruited a reputable real estate agent to help me buy a house. After several months of open houses and showings, I found one that I would be happy with. They accepted my offer immediately and I got an amazing deal on my new home. That was the easy part. I had no idea that choosing to buy a house would require so many details, signatures, paperwork and agony. I felt like I was signing my entire life away. After a while, I stopped looking at what I was signing, so I may have ended up signing my life away – who knows.

So, after I managed to buy a house and make it through all of the details and actually moved in, I discovered the joys of being a homeowner. Gone were the days of calling my landlord whenever something went wrong. If my toilet overflowed, I was on my own. If my roof leaked, I was on my own. Of course, having to fix everything myself meant taking on new expenses as well. I hadn’t thought about that when I decided to buy a house.

The decision to buy a house, no matter how old or new the house is, could end up cutting into your budget like crazy. Home repairs, taxes, and maintenance all become your responsibility. Plus, if you end up not liking the neighborhood or your home, you can’t just pack up and leave. You’re stuck there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not discouraging anyone to buy a house. I simply think that entirely too many people buy a house without thinking about everything that goes along with the new investment. So many things need to be taken into consideration before you signed any forms. If you think you can’t afford to buy a house, it probably isn’t a good idea to pursue it. But, if you can budget the expenses and willing to accept all of the responsibilities that come along with it – go for it!

Consider Buying Pepper Spray

In this day and age, everyone needs to have a little protection. Some folks prefer to take a self defense course. In fact, this is probably the most common route to feeling more confident and secure about oneself. Many individuals feel that learning a modern form of self defense will greatly improve their chances of surviving an attack. While knowing a martial art can assist you in an altercation, it certainly won’t make you invincible. Sadly many people assume that it will in ways. The reality is that martial arts are not the key to staying safe in the real world. Knowledge and simple self defense devices can prove much more effective. This is why so many people are buying pepper spray to attach to their keychain.

If you’re not familiar with pepper spray and how it can effectively incapacitate an assailant, it’s time to get informed. But, before you consider buying pepper spray, it’s good to further your knowledge first. For example, what type of pepper spray would you prefer to tote around and where will you be carrying it? Many individuals prefer a compact pepper spray device that’s readily accessible. Now, stop for a minute and think about this. Access to the pepper spray you decide to buy is crucial. If you can’t readily get to it, it’s practically worthless. So dropping it to the bottom of purse is never a wise plan. How fast do you really think you can get to it in that mess? If you’re seriously considering buying pepper spray, then you should seriously think about how you’re going to carry it. Maybe on your keychain or in your pocket for immediate access.

Online is an excellent place to start shopping for different types of pepper spray products and self-defense items. Consider websites like, and Any of these web stores offer a grand selection of pepper spray products to consider for improving your overall safety. On a final note, it’s good to keep in mind that awareness is essential. Steering clear of certain environments at certain hours is often key to staying safe. Also, you should always be aware of your surroundings at all time, no matter where you decide to go.

call center jobs

Though I don’t understand it, there are some who love to have call center jobs. I had a friend once who loved these jobs, and I always wondered why she liked them so much. She loved talking on the phone, and didn’t mind calling people up to see if they wanted to buy something or to see if they wanted to give money to charity. Most aren’t like her though, because they are well aware of how unwelcome these call can be. However, if you like to talk on the phone, there are jobs for this that might not be as bad as that.

The call center jobs that most look for are the ones that deal with answering the phone rather than making calls. Most companies need customer service representatives, and that means that call center jobs will probably always be out there. Though there are some automated systems out there, most people with a problem or a question will want to talk to a real person who can help them sort things out. Utilities and other companies have a huge need for this, but those jobs are not limited to those industries.

Any company worth anything will have a good amount of call center jobs available. Some will hire another company to do it for them, but the result should be the same. Those working call center jobs should have a good knowledge about what they are going to be doing, and the information they need to assist any caller. They also need to be efficient and polite, and they also have to know when a call is over their head and should be passed on to someone else.

Call center jobs can be great jobs, but you should make sure you find out what you will be doing and what will be expected of you. Not all companies are great, but some are really good to their employees. As with any type of job, not all call center jobs will be great jobs, but the bad ones can help someone gain experience. When working with difficult people, it is often not fun, but you do get more out of than you may think. People skills are essential, and there is no better way to learn them than to work with those that are less than agreeable. No matter where you end up with this type of job, there are always going to be people who give you problems.

camera case

Anyone with a camera needs to have a case. Though some cameras are very small, they still could use some protection. The camera that I have is very awkward in shape, but I wouldn’t exchange it for any other type. However, to get the camera case that was made just for my camera, I would have had to spend a lot of money. Instead, I went out to find something else, and I was glad that I did. The one I got is not perfect, but it does work.

The one I found is a generic camera case that is square, though my camera is not. This meant that I had to buy a larger size to fit my lens inside, but even then, the fit is kind of tight. However, it does help, and it also have a strap. Besides the padding to protect the camera, the most important part of the camera case just might be the strap. It has to be long enough to sling over your shoulder, if that is what you wish, or at least long enough to fit over your wrist. It also has to be durable. You don’t want the strap to break while your camera is inside, even if it does have great cushioning.

Lately I have noticed that many new styles of camera case look more and more like a purse, and they may even double as such. These are for girls, of course, and seem to be aimed at the younger crowd. The ones I saw were pink, purple, and blue, and were covered with rhinestones. They were certainly cute, but I’m not sure that they are something that I want to walk around with any time soon. Some of them also had a pocket for a cell phone, but it was a little small for mine anyway.

If you are looking for a new camera case, but you don’t want something that looks too young or too much like the tired old bag, you can find some really neat and updated versions of the camera bag on eBay and other shopping sites that have that sort of thing. Like laptop bags, they come in all types. Some are stylish, and others are fun. They also come in colors if you can find them, and they are all pretty much the same when it comes to their main purpose. They are still made to fit the cameras of today, but they are made to be just a bit more fun.

Cancer Information

A diagnosis of cancer can be very frightening, and the best way is conquer fear is through greater knowledge of the topic. To find reputable health related resources online including cancer information like early detection, prevention, treatment, new research advances and more visit the American Cancer Society at, dedicated to “eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering.” This site is educational and easy to navigate; there is plenty of comprehensive information on specific cancer topics discussing common types of cancer including bladder cancer, breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, melanoma, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer (non-melanoma), and thyroid cancer, in addition to causes, treatments, coping, drug information, and clinical trials.

The National Cancer Institute of the United States National Institutes of Health located online at features accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive cancer information from the United State government’s principal agency for cancer research. Find common types of cancer listed by types in A-Z format, by body location and system, childhood cancers, women’s cancers, clinical trial results, educational materials, and other cancer topics including treatment, prevention, genetics, causes, screening and testing, coping with cancer, smoking and cancer, cancer health disparities, fact sheets, and more. This site discusses types of cancer treatment, and cancer drugs including specific drugs approved to treat cancer or conditions related to cancer, and updates on new drug development and approval. Complementary and alternative medicine, like healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies are popular options, and can be used in addition to or instead of conventional cancer treatment as well.

Learn about cancer treatment trials that are of potential benefit to you or a loved one and use this information to help decide whether or not to participate. Also find good suggestions for choosing a physician and cancer treatment facility, national Cancer Institute supported cancer centers, after care treatment like follow-up medical care, physical and emotional changes, changes in social relationships, and workplace issues. You can also access breast cancer information, lung cancer information, and more general information on cancer online at, an extensive cancer website offering unbiased support and information regarding all types of cancer and chemotherapy options, cancer research advances, continuing medical education and more. Take this new found knowledge and use it to beat cancer; get a new perspective and a new outlook on life.

car navigation systems

Though I think that car navigation systems are a fantastic idea, I have yet to get one. I am not sure what you get for the price they are asking, and that is what makes me hesitate. Though I realize they may have to be updated, I do know that I don’t want to spend a lot of money that I have to pay to update all of the time. Some of the prices on these are really high, but if you really think about it, what could be better than a personal guide when you have to drive? Perhaps the days of getting lost are almost over.

I have seen all sorts of car navigation systems on television, and I really think that I would like to have one. I do not, however, want to pay a monthly fee on top of what I paid for the systems. Hopefully, that is not the case with these, but that I am not sure about. What I do know is that in order for car navigation systems to be valid, they would have to be updated. Roads change all of the time, not only in where they go, but also their route number. Construction is also a problem, though not really a necessary piece of information. It would be nice though, don’t you think?

There are some car navigation systems that not only warn of construction, find the best route, and tell you how long before you must make a turn. There are also some that find hotels and other businesses for you. This would be invaluable if you love to travel and you aren’t quite sure what you will be doing once you reach a destination. I have gone on many road trips, and the problems I have had finding a place to eat or even finding my destination tells me that I should indeed think about investing in car navigation systems.

When you go searching for car navigation systems, make sure you know what you want before you buy. Though the prices vary wildly, you usually get what you pay for. If you don’t travel very often, you may not want to pay for a lot of the extras. However, if you love to drive and go on trips, or if you are moving to a new area (especially an urban one), you may benefit from care navigation systems that do it all. Not only will you not have to worry about getting lost again, you can have help finding grocery stores, places to eat, and even a shortcut to work that will save you both time and money.