Pre-workout Shake That’s a Meal






Pre-workout Shake That’s a Meal

The Texas Oak

By Logan Franklin


Q: What do you eat before training?


A: I have a big shake that has so much in it that it’s legitimately a meal. I time it so that I start my workout right about 90 minutes after I drink this. Here’s what’s in it:


½ cup granola

1 banana

2 tbsp almond butter

2 scoops protein powder

10 grams L-glutamine


That will be digested by the time I start training. I never eat any closer to an hour before starting a workout. I like to have the meal/shake at 90 minutes out so I can have my GAT pre-workout formula, Nitraflex, at 30 minutes out with no stomach issues.


Tips for Pec Flye Machine


Q: Do you have any “pro tips” on how to get more out of the pec flye machine? I barely feel my pecs when I use it!


A: Without seeing you do the movement it’s tough for me to say what you are doing wrong, but I can take a good guess. Most guys go too heavy and lean forward. This shortens the range of motion and uses more front delts than chest. Try going a bit lighter and leaning back by scooting your butt a few inches forward on the seat and pinning your upper back to the pad behind you. Also, cup the handles in the palm of your hand instead of gripping them tightly. This style will definitely have you activating your pecs.


Classic Height and Weight Limits


Q: How much are you allowed to weigh for your height as a Classic pro?


A: I’d like to say it’s 230 pounds, because I’m exactly 6 feet tall. I just had blood work done a few weeks ago and the hospital measured me at 72 inches. I just got a new driver’s license and the DMV measured me at 6 feet. It seems the IFBB keeps measuring me a quarter-inch below, or 5-11 and ¾ inches. That means I have to be no heavier than 222 pounds rather than the 230 I would be able to be if they had me a quarter-inch taller. I seem to be the only guy who is getting shorter, while others are getting taller and moved up to the next heaviest weight limit. I just got an inversion table, because our division champion says he used one and grew an inch and a half from 2019 to 2020! I take this all very seriously because it’s my livelihood, my dream, and my passion. I’m using the inversion table regularly in hopes of being measured at 6 feet. Those extra 8 pounds if I can weigh 230 would make a huge difference in my physique. At the last Arnold Classic I did in the fall of 2021, I weighed 221 pounds and the judges told me I still needed to get bigger. I am doing my best to give them what they want to see!


Knee Pain: Stop Training Quads?


Q: If you were training quads and felt a weird pain in your knee, would you just stop doing that exercise but finish your workout, or abort the whole workout at that point?


A: That would depend on that it felt like. You need to be able to distinguish between good and bad pain. The knee pain could be caused by any number of things. First you should check your exercise form and execution. In squats, for example, are you initiating the movement by bending your back when you should be unlocking your knees first? Do you stretch? Do you get soft-tissue work done? I’ve never had the type of knee pain resulting from an injury, knock on wood. But if I were in the situation you described, I would stop doing that exercise and methodically see if I could figure out what was causing the pain. Whether or not I would continue the workout would depend entirely on how the knee felt. If I started warming up on another exercise and the pain persisted, that would be the end of the leg workout for me for that day and I would get it checked out if it continued.


Mass Appeal With Less Mass


Q: Classic is exploding in numbers at the amateur level, but I am seeing a ton of guys who have nothing “classic” about their physiques at all. They don’t have aesthetically pleasing shape or structure, they just happen to be able to make the weight limit. Obviously, this is great for the contest promoters, but do you feel it’s diluting the quality of the division?


A: People are going to compete in whatever division they want to, whether it’s meant for them or not. I do see a trend where men are leaving bodybuilding for Classic because they see it as a healthier option since they won’t need to be huge and all that it requires to carry extreme amounts of muscle mass. Classic appeals to many now because it seems more realistic and attainable, plus they feel they can experience greater longevity with less overall stress on the body. I’m happy to see more people having the goal of a long, healthy life after bodybuilding.


As far as people who “don’t belong” in Classic, not everyone can have the ideal structure and shape for Classic or Men’s Physique. Not all bodybuilders can look like Phil Heath or Ronnie Coleman. The only thing I disagree with is guys moving from bodybuilding to Classic because they think it’s “easier.” Look at the top Classic stars like Bumstead, Terrence Ruffin and Breon. Does anyone really think what they do is easier because they don’t weigh 250-300 pounds? We all work very hard on achieving the best possible balance and symmetry, conditioning and presentation. We can never get away with just coming in big and full but lacking detail. That’s second or third callout!


Personally I love seeing the numbers in Classic continue to rise at the amateur level and it doesn’t bother me that they aren’t all destined for greatness. The cream always rises to the top in any division at the end of the day.


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